Question? We Got Answers

Do you store patient records. How do you store?

Our records are kept on secure servers online; locked up files for up to few months.

Yes, we keep up to seven years stored in the cloud

Is Invictus HIPPA compliant?

Yes. We follow all HIPPA Regulations to comply with Invictus Account Management & Government.

Can you email statements?

Yes. We do have secure email to forward statements upon request. It must be encrypted.

Can you set up payment plans?

Yes. We can set up monthly payment plans, depending on the balance of an account each balance is looked at separately. You can pick the date to run the payment and you can also set up through your bank.

What if you don’t take my insurance or are not in network?

We will appeal to your insurance on your behalf; however, it is the patient responsibility to find out if you have certain out of network benefits. For instance, a RAP clause or RAPLE clause. It stands for Radiology, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Lab & ER Doctors. These are ancillary providers that you cannot pick even @ a In Network Facility & with a Participating Surgeon. Most insurances have these clauses available, but it depends on the type of policy you have. Not all do, such as Self-funded plans, unions, & governmental plans. You can call your insurance explain if you went to a Participating Surgeon & Facility that you do not have control over the ancillary providers @ that facility & they can confirm if you have this clause on your plan. Another clause to look for is balance billing clause, for the balance between the billed amount and the allowed amount that your insurance chooses that out of network providers can bill you because they have no contractual obligation to adjust it off.

Sometimes it’s adjusted to in network rates and sometimes we balance bill.

What will I owe, what are my benefits?

Unfortunately, we do not verify benefits prior to surgery as we handle more than 500+ cases a week. We can you give you an estimate with time frame of surgery & cpt procedural codes, but it would be your responsibility to contact your insurance to get an approximate total to your balance.

Do I have to pay prior to my procedure?

No, we will bill out to your insurance first, then you shall receive a bill approximately 45 days after surgery date of service. If you are self-pay, you will pay first.

Why was I billed twice for the same procedure?

Many insurance companies require split claims, or Care Team Billing, with modifiers QX/QK/QY to differentiate from an MD or CRNA. This is done as a cost saving to you & your insurance. As they are only paying an MD for supervision, even though they are not in the room with you, they are readily available in case of emergency. You will also receive a bill for your surgeon’s services separate from the anesthesia bill.

When will I receive a bill for anesthesia?

Normally within 45 to 60 days after date of service.

How do you determine what to bill me?

Anesthesia is based on time. This includes the time when the anesthesia practitioner begins to physically prepare the patient for anesthesia services in the operating room or an equivalent area, called start time. Also, when the anesthesia practitioner transfers care in the PACU to a qualified professional at end of surgery, called the end time . (which is normally 15 mins prior & 15 mins after surgeon start/stop time.)

How much will you bill me if my insurance is out of network?

We will adjust your claims to our highest in-network contracted rate; we work with many of our patients to set up payment plans if needed.